During the implementation of data science projects for clients in various sectors, EURA NOVA found out that clients systematically faced the same problems around data management, mostly in data access, use, sharing, and governance.

To solve these problems, EURA NOVA used the knowledge it gained during its research activities and designed a data architecture vision (DAV).
The DAV was quickly adopted by large companies in banking, insurance, and other industrial sectors to upgrade their data architecture, allowing them to leverage the full value of their data.

To ease the implementation of this architectural data-centric vision, and to make it possible for every kind of organisation, EURA NOVA created digazu to leverage the maximum value of each data-driven business case while turning the whole company data-centric.

Sabri Skhiri, Research & Development

Research & Development

With extensive expertise in extensive computer science domains ranging from high scalability, cloud & elasticity, to data management, search & indexing, Sabri has a proven track record in directing and managing teams on one-step-ahead projects in which time to market and project innovation were key factors in market differentiation and business success.

Christophe Philemotte, Engineering


Dedicated to bringing tools and practices to developers, Christophe is a technical leader that excels at making people work together.
An IT engineer and Ph.D. in neural networks, an open source contributor, he is passionate about making technologies affordable and user-centric. He is at the head of digazu’s technical choices and endeavours to make complex concepts simple.

Eric Delacroix, Incubator


Eric founded EURA NOVA in 2008 with Hervé Bath with the will to build bridges between academic and business worlds. From its beginning in the EURA NOVA product incubator to its launching on the European market, he has been the business advisor for digazu.
With his IT consultant background in banking and insurance sectors, he excels at translating people’s challenges into business opportunities. Focused on strategy definition and business development, he makes a point in ensuring added value for all designs and products.