Big Data


Forget armies of data experts, lines of code & complex training

digazu is the supply chain carrying data to scientists, reporting and applications.

Enter the AI industrialisation era

dream of ai in your business, we take care of the mess.


The Big Data

Competitive companies have to master data to create new value, cut costs and future-proof their business. But the more demand put on data to provide new services or solve problems, the more stress business units, IT teams and operating systems face keeping on top of it all. Costs climb, customers suffer, and tempers fray. But what if there was a smarter way of harnessing and tailoring big data in situ or in the cloud?

Companies get stuck in the Hadoop loop of constant experimentation and low roll-out ( only 14% deploy )

- Gartner -

While turnover is the highest for IT companies with 13.2%, data analysts have higher turnover at 21.7%

- LinkedIn/Forbes -

Data analysts are expensive, but data scientists are 64% more expensive than them

- Payscale -

The Best Solutionfor you

Smart companies look for cost-effective, long-term solutions to securely govern data, from collection to consumption to full compliance. A scalable way to keep data pipelines open for business in real time or batches. A cutting-edge yet remarkably uncomplicated technology that anyone can install and use.

digazu’s platform collects data from multiple sources, then stores and distributes it to applications and users when-, where- and in whatever format it’s needed. A one-off conversion means companies, large and small, tap into their data or big data their own way.

Data automation strategies (using hubs, lakes, warehouses …) yield 30% higher returns on data assets

- Gartner -

Adopting data hub strategies cut
costs by over 60% compared
to traditional methods

- Gartner -

digazu can create complex data pipelines
in just 5 minutes

digazu in figures


digazu in figures: onboarding / 1 day to start


digazu in figures: big data / +10000 data events/sec


digazu in figures: cost / up to 90% savings


digazu in figures: time to market / shortened by 40%


  • Gather data from internal
    & external sources
  • Discover source schemas
  • Collect your current data
    & incremental updates
    in real time or in batches
  • Collect raw data, but also any data worth sharing like insights from AI models


  • Store structured
    & unstructured data
  • Store and explore raw
    & historical data
  • Store in the cloud
    or on-site
  • Be your own one-stop shop
    for all data needs


  • Feed data pipelines towards applications and reports
  • Allow data self-service
  • Automate data replay
    from the data lake,
    & automatic switching
    to the live stream
  • Transform & distribute data
    in real time or batches


  • Track data from collection
    to consumption
  • Facilitate
    regulatory compliance
  • Implement data source
  • Integrate
    your data governance systems

All this using distributed technologies, scaling to new uses, with no coding and no steep learning curves.